Designing a winning user experience to capture Millennials’ hearts


This post is sponsored by Singtel.

Millennials now make up one of the largest consumer segments in Singapore, and winning them over requires a markedly different strategy, one that goes beyond price, and instead, centring on delivering an attractive product tailored to their needs and wants.

In recognition of this, Singtel launched GOMO (get out more often), an all-digital, no-contract, SIM-only mobile plan that caters specifically to the lifestyles of Millennials and digital natives.

A product created by a team of Millennials for their fellow Millennials, GOMO addresses their need to be connected on-the-go constantly with a simple product construct – 20GB for SG$20, 200 SMS, 200 outgoing minutes, no contract, and no excess charges.

GOMO wins at Asia eCommerce Awards 2019

At the recent Asia eCommerce Awards 2019, GOMO took home the gold award for Best UI/UX Design. The award recognised GOMO for providing a seamless and intuitive user interface and user experience, and for demonstrating how the design of the platform supported an improved business performance by providing an enjoyable, relevant and personalised online shopping experience.

GOMO also earned a silver award for Best Use of AI, an award which recognised it for using AI to improve the customer journey, customer engagement, customer personalisation, and efficiency of its eCommerce platform, resulting in an improved business performance.

Success stems from understanding the users

Besides offering an attractive price point and generous data allowance, the team knew that for the product to work, it had to be backed up by an equally attractive user experience. This stemmed from an understanding of the digital consumption behaviours of Millennials and digital natives.

Millennials are heavily dependent on online channels for their brand research, with 44% depending on social networks to guide their purchasing decisions, based on Global Web Index’s Millennials Report 2018.

They also expect a speedy response to their queries from brands on social media, demanding a response in less than 10 minutes, according to Salesforce Desk’s report, Crossing the Generational Divide 2015.

Millennials know what they want, and they want it fast. Therefore, we’ve designed the GOMO user experience to be digital-only, fuss-free and seamless, matching their busy lifestyles – Michele Wang, 44, experience design lead.

Creating a seamless and fuss-free user experience

  1. Next-generation chatbot

As a new brand, GOMO was likely to experience an influx of questions from Millennial customers. In anticipation of this, the team created an “always-on” and “AI-driven” concierge for the Millennial consumer by working with Silicon Valley-based to create a Facebook chatbot, the GOMO bot.

The bot can detect positive and negative comments and respond accordingly with personalised messages. This was the first-of-its-kind in the category.

The GOMO bot helped accelerate users’ “learning curve” on the new brand by speedily engaging, educating and providing answers on demand.

My peers and I find it frustrating whenever businesses and brands take too long to respond to our queries. Based on this, we’ve created the GOMO messaging bot as a 24/7 channel that responds to customers and resolves their issues speedily – Beatrice, 30, marketing communications manager.

  1. A simplified purchase journey

Knowing that Millennials value speed and convenience, the GOMO team created a seamless mobile-optimised sign-up journey that took just four steps and less than four minutes to complete.

Customers get almost instant delivery – within the same day, if they order before 10.30am. Our live agent chat support and chatbots are always-on 24/7 to help with every step of the sign-up process.

  1. Overall user experience

Before the launch, the GOMO team insisted on a beta product test, implementing continuous testing and learning to improve the product, as it was imperative to get the user experience right the first time. Usability testing continues to be a core element of every GOMO product enhancement and roll out.

We believe that signing up for a mobile plan should be easy and not tedious. That’s the thinking behind GOMO’s simple sign-up process – Arjun, 28, product marketing manager.

Prioritising the user experience pays off

The GOMO digital conversion rates (number of conversions per unique page views) are over 5%, more than double the global average of 1.82%. A high point for GOMO was a new sign-up every three minutes for up to two weeks during the launch period.

By continually improving the user experience to deliver freedom, value and ease, GOMO aims to be the go-to mobile plan for Millennials.