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Dermalogica says ‘Get Naked’

Skincare brand Dermalogica has launched its latest ‘Get Naked’ campaign under the tagline of ‘Great Skin has Nothing to Hide’.

In line with the campaign, Dermalogica has selected a raft of local celebrities as the new face of the campaign in Malaysia.

Roderick Chieng, chief executive officer of Esthetics International Group , which distributes and markets Dermalogica products and dealership in Malaysia, said Dermalogica aims to lessen consumer’s dependency on superficial beauty achieved by cosmetic products and draw their confidence from good skin health.

“We picked four celebrities and being in Malaysia, we wanted each from different ethnic  backgrounds because we want to show Dermalogica is for everyone,” added Chieng.

Roderick said EIG may role out the ‘Get Naked’ campaign, which was pioneered in Malaysia, to other markets.

From 1 July, a mobile truck with Dermalogica’s Skin Bar, dubbed the ‘Naked Wheels’, will be touring the nation to give consumers the ‘Naked Journey’. Malaysians will be able to get a round of free Face Mapping Analysis to understand their skin’s unique needs and find out what Dermalogica products they would require for their skin type.

The campaign, set to run for the next few years, will also be promoted via Dermalogica Malaysia’s Facebook page and a new microsite.

This marks  Dermalogica’s first ventures into digital-focused marketing campaign in Malaysia.

“We see this as an extensive campaign, especially since the trend is moving towards social media. Thus, we are going into social media in a big way,” said Chieng.

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