Dentsu SG's new film highlights the impact of microplastic on World Earth Day

Dentsu Singapore tied up with non-profit organisation Green is the New Black to launch a co-produced film. Called "Plastic Salt" and released today in line with World Earth Day, aims to bring the spotlight that 90% of the world’s salt contains microplastic.

The film looks to reinforce that plastic consumption is happening to people through the intake of daily meals, and raise awareness and empower people to take action to refuse single-use plastic. Leveraging Dentsu Singapore’s creative capabilities, "Plastic Salt" brings to light the impact of microplastic pollution through the motif of a salt grinder.

Using recycled plastic, Dentsu Singapore 3D-printed miniature single-use plastic objects to look like salt, placed them in a salt grinder on tables around Singapore and filmed consumer reaction. The consumers captured in the film only noticed the plastic objects after few attempts to ground them. Some of the consumers scanned the back of the grinder to find out more information on microplastic found in salt.

Stephanie Dickson, founder, Green is the New Black said "Plastic Salt" is a "simple but powerful idea" that is showcasing how bad the issue is and showing that it comes directly back to consumers and they have no idea what the long-term effects are going to be and for the future generations.

Meanwhile, Paula Miquelis, co-founder, Green is the New Black said plastic pollution is something that people appear to be very concerned about, but the organisation sees a disconnect with what people are saying and what people are doing. "The simple fact remains each of us is playing a part. If everyone simply refused plastic in the first place, it would make a huge difference. Wherever possible, we need to help to raise awareness of these issues – we need to educate more people and fast," she added.

Chloe Rees, partnership director and social impact lead, Dentsu Aegis Network Asia Pacific said 2018 was the beginning of the agency's sustainability journey regarding single use plastic in Singapore.

"While we don’t know what the future will hold, our actions today do have an effect on the years and decades to come. We want to continue inspiring local (and global) businesses to take #littlegreensteps to reducing their dependency on plastic. As testament to this, we have produced our first film, ‘Plastic Salt’, to raise awareness on microplastics both in Singapore and at a global scale on World Earth Day," she added.