Dentsu media unveils new lab in Vietnam

Dentsu media (Vietnam), the subsidiary network company of Dentsu Aegis Network has unveiled the Dmlab. This innovation unit aims to harness the latest technology and create new digital experiences for the market.

“It is an exciting time for Dmlab to launch in Vietnam where the market is hungry for new experiences, especially connected with technology. With the success of Dmlab in Thailand, we believe that Vietnam will also be successful for the new innovation showcase aligned with Dentsu media network’s vision in the future,” said Takeshi Gotoda, CEO of Dentsu media Vietnam.

Mitsuyuki Nakamura, president of Dentsu media Southeast Asia, also said: “Since the launch of Dmlab in Thailand last October, we have seen many beneficial opportunities for collaboration between ideas and technology. In the meanwhile, there was a certain demand for being able to serve innovation across the region, which we strongly feel as of our mission in Dentsu media network. We are delighted and looking forward to introducing the Dmlab in Vietnam market.”

Dmlab is composed of two key primal pillars: (1) Local Incubation and (2) Gateway to Global Innovation, an initiative led by Dentsu Aegis Network.

One pillar of Dmlab – ‘local incubation’ – Under the Local Incubation, the agency is working with Vietnamese and regional startups in order to scale up, and expand mutual opportunities for business to launch locally, regionally and globally. This platform enables partners to access the pool of knowledge, consult with business professionals, and tap into new revenue streams.

Another pillar of dmLab – ‘Gateway to Global Innovation’ – is the original Dentsu Aegis Network innovation project which was launched in Thailand in October 2015. For example, the latest technology which Dmlab has recently brought to Vietnamese market is ‘Emotion Analyser’ which is able to detect your emotions based on an analysis of users’ brainwaves.

“In the 21st - century evolution, everything including advertising needs to move forward and adapt to technology. And with this demand, Dmlab’s vision combines unique elements of entertainment, future-forward ideas and upcoming technologies to become campaign tool and elements that becomes clients’ solutions and engagements to the people of today,” Mark Anthony R. Ocampo, director of communication design, Dentsu media Vietnam,  said.