Deliveroo Hong Kong riders to receive first-aid training by Hong Kong Red Cross

Deliveroo has joined hands with Hong Kong Red Cross to roll out first aid training for the delivery service's riders. The company will provide over 150 riders in Hong Kong with access to 13 first aid training classes administered by the Hong Kong Red Cross.

The training programme in Hong Kong is part of a global initiative from Deliveroo, which will see a total of 3,000 riders receive first aid courses, in a bid to stepping up the brand's social responsibility.

The courses aim to equip participants with life-saving skills and the confidence for dealing with emergencies, including scenarios such as finding someone unresponsive, badly injured or unable to breathe. An introduction to automated external defibrillators and cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction will also be provided.

Brian Lo, general manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong, said, “Our riders are a force for good, and we hope that through this initiative, Deliveroo can help tackle the problem of people not receiving life-saving first aid in advance of emergency services getting to the scene. We’re delighted to equip riders with first aid skills and knowledge that will serve them in life, in their careers, and for the good of Hong Kong.”

[caption id="attachment_256734" align="alignnone" width="700"] First aid kit is provided by Deliveroo to all attended riders.[/caption]

The first aid initiative was created after research commissioned by the British Red Cross in January 2018 showed that just 5% of adults in Britain have the skills and confidence to provide first aid in emergency situations.

In Hong Kong, various groups including The University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Medical Journal have found evidence that the public lacks first aid knowledge and skills, which affects their willingness to offer assistance in emergency situations. However, the research also shows that when training courses are provided, there is a significant improvement in people’s willingness to provide first aid.  

Leung Yiu-wah, chairman of first aid advisory panel, Hong Kong Red Cross, said, “While many people may feel unqualified to provide help in an emergency situation, having a knowledge of first aid means you can make simple yet impactful interventions. We encourage everyone in Hong Kong to enhance their own first aid education.”

The first aid training programme for riders is one of Deliveroo initiatives in support of the Hong Kong community. In February, Deliveroo collaborated with St. James’ Settlement and restaurant partner LAO ER by Crystal Jade to host a festive Chinese New Year tea gathering event for elderly people who live alone. Deliveroo also offered 100 free meals to domestic helpers last December, as a holiday treat to recognise their valuable role for families in Hong Kong.