Deliveroo HK launches monthly subscription service

Deliveroo has launched a new subscription service in Hong Kong, catering to customers that require frequent deliveries. Deliveroo Plus - priced at HK$98 a month - will provide customers with unlimited free deliveries within Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is the latest location to launch Deliveroo Plus, which has already been implemented in other regions, including Singapore and the UK. On Tuesday, the service was launched in Australia.

Speaking with Marketing, Brian Lo, general manager, Hong Kong of Deliveroo said: "By launching Deliveroo Plus, we aim to reward our customers with a better value for money. This new subscription service provides a more affordable option to the frequent users while the earnings of riders is expected to rise with the increasing demand for food delivery."

According to an interview with Lo from South China Morning Post, the campaign is expected to boost monthly revenue by at least 20% in Hong Kong. As delivery fees are one of the hurdles that make customers resistant to ordering food to their doorsteps, Lo also said discounts or free drinks would be included as the Deliveroo Plus service evolves. Subscribers of this service could even receive deals for partner restaurants as well.

An option to sign up to the service will be made visible to HK customers at the regular Deliveroo checkout screen. Details on the service are also available in the ‘Account’ section of the app and website.