Deliveroo HK helps the underprivileged with new tipping feature

Deliveroo Hong Kong has introduced an in-app tipping feature to enable customers to round-up their totals and send a donation to Feeding Hong Kong. 

The collaboration will see Deliveroo Hong Kong raise more than HK$1 million in the next six months, allowing Feeding HK to support over 200,000 meals, and ensure the vulnerable receive nutritious meals. A new function has been created to allow customers of Deliveroo Hong Kong to donate. At the “checkout”, users will be able to round-up their bill or offer a preferred amount to the NGO.

“One of the most challenging effects of COVID-19 has been a significant rise in demand from charitable food systems across Hong Kong,” said Brian Lo, general manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong.

“One of our imperative sustainable development goals at Deliveroo is ‘zero hunger,’ in line with the United Nations’ sustainable development agenda, and so together with Feeding Hong Kong, we’re trying to make sure that no one in Hong Kong goes unfed.” 

The new feature has already been rolled out. 

“2020 has presented a number of unprecedented challenges, but over the last four months, we’ve pivoted our operations to respond to changes in supply chains, worked with our charity partners to gauge and support their most immediate needs, and shifted our volunteer activities to keep food moving to where it is needed most. However, there is much more still to do,” said Feeding HK’s CEO Gabrielle Kirstein.

“Not only will this partnership link us to more than 6,500 restaurant partners and their customers, we know that they care about environmental sustainability and helping those in need in our community.”

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