Delivering content and results

 This is a sponsored post by Mediacorp.

“How can you localise our brand messages to reach our target audience most effectively? This is the most common question we get asked by our clients,” said Benjamin Gajkowski, head of Brand Studio, a content marketing unit of Mediacorp.

He added: “Great storytelling by itself is not enough, it needs to be packaged with effective marketing solutions; otherwise the client might end up with an award-winning campaign, but won’t see an impact on the business.”

In a study conducted by CMO Council and HH Global in 2017, only 32% of the senior marketing executives interviewed said their companies were “doing well” in adapting their brand messages to markets outside their home base. As a corollary, this means about two thirds of corporations are not satisfied their brand campaign messages are effectively delivered regionally or globally.

This is where Brand Studio comes in. In recent months, Brand Studio has seen an increase in clientele from multinational companies such as McDonald’s, HSBC, IBM, Merck, Uber and Intuit. Each of these MNCs have partnered with Brand Studio to create brand campaigns targeting the local Singapore market.

“Brand Studio’s core strength is storytelling”, Gajkowski said. “Our ability to create branded content for the Singapore market is second to none. We know intimately what Singaporeans are interested in as we have the data. We track everything on and With these insights, we can connect brands with their target audience on digital, radio, TV or a full 360 solution.”

For its recent campaign for HSBC’s Entertainer App, he said: “Instead of doing the hard-sell on the advantages of the app, the team at Brand Studio created a one-for-one Singapore Dining Guide. The articles and videos gave tips on where to go for drinks in the CBD area after work, instant worthy yummy brunch spots during weekends and romantic dining places for two. The content was hosted on specially designed microsites on and was easily accessible on web and mobile.”

HSBC_landing page

He added: “We are focused entirely on the target audience so we are platform agnostic. We have 150 different audience profiles within the Mediacorp network and we can provide our clients with the most cost-efficient solutions on top of the customised content. So it doesn’t matter if your audiences are not on say our news sites, there are a plethora of platforms within the Mediacorp network that will reach your target audience.”

To further strengthen the team’s storytelling capabilities, Brand Studio recently hired Tanny Chia as its new creative director. She has more than 15 years of international experience as a senior communications and content strategist working with the likes of Nobel Prize-winning Amnesty International, and as a journalist with media outlets such as Reuters, Kyodo and Channel NewsAsia. Her multimedia work has been shown at exhibitions and festivals, and on TV in Canada, Italy and Singapore.