Deepavali festivities reign in the region

Deepavali just went by and we couldn’t have been more excited!

This is my first time spending Deepavali as a marketing industry journalist, and as much as I missed the festivities and the excitement around this auspicious day back home in India, I was also keen on checking out the colourful and emotional ads from around the region.


The unconventional advertisement reminded everyone that people cannot and must on be judged based on appearance definitely. Called “I am Muniandy”, it clearly discourages racial stereotypes. It starts with two Malaysian Indians who are mistaken to be gangsters, and ends with them helping out an elderly with her Deepavali celebrations.

Launched on 26 October, the spot has already garnered over a million views. Majority of the comments on its Youtube channel are also positive. The brand has over the years made a name for its festive campaigns over Hari Raya and Chinese New Year.

RHB Group

This funny Deepavali ad by the Malaysian bank, addressed the multi-racial couples in Malaysia. Set in a Malaysian Indian family, the grandson introduces his Chinese girlfriend to the rest of the family. The girlfriend is not welcomed by the grandmother sets aside a few tasks for her to test her knowledge of the India culture. It was interesting to see how the girlfriend puts in sincere efforts to win the grandmother’s heart. Currently it has approximately 115,241 views on YouTube.


The real estate developer, in this beautiful ad, showcased the grace and elegance of a Bharatnatyam dancer. With the hashtag : #ARhythmOfPassionCelebratesTradition the ad personified the musical spirit of the festive season. Launched on Facebook, the post has 15,000 likes and over 3,800 shares. It also has 5,800 likes on YouTube.


Maxis, a data network provider in Malaysia, launched a microsite ( as part of its Light a Life campaign, featuring an interactive dual-story film to help raise awareness about underprivileged youth. The interactive film tells the story of how 4 out of 10 underprivileged youths will fall into a life of crime and violence. With just a touch of the screen, viewers will be able to switch to a parallel storyline that holds a more promising ending. The Facebook post has gotten over 500 shares and 5.2k reactions.

Malaysia Airlines

In lieu with the festive season, Malaysia Airlines added coconut candies as a part of its in flight offerings which has about 146 reactions.

BSN Malaysia

The bank, which suggested that sharing is in the nature of all Malaysians, on its Facebook page wished its customers a prosperous new year. It has only 96 reactions.

The emotional and simple ad where a grandmother heeds to her grandson’s request to buy him got me fetching my box of tissues. What was unique about this ad is that while the grandmother did buy the child the sweets he asked for, she also encouraged eating healthy and eating sweets in moderation this festive season. Having garnered more than 6,900 likes and 2,300 shares, the ad was widely spoken about in Singapore.

Land and Transport Authority, Singapore

Little India Shopkeepers & Heritage Association collaborated with Land Transport Authority to implement a Deepavali - themed train on the North East Line to create awareness on the celebrations while encouraging positive commuter culture. The themed train feature designs of the elegant and stunning peacock, beautiful lotus and intricate Indian jewelleries in conjunction with this year’s theme. It has more than 3,900 likes on Facebook, with more than 750 shares.

Moreover, on its Facebook page, LTA went a step further and encouraged citizens to visit the buzzing Little India, in Singapore.

Spotted anymore cool campaigns? Let us know below.