How deep do you sleep?

Publicis Hong Kong has recently launched the advertising campaign “Deep sleep” for Casablanca’s magic pillow, specifically designed to prevent tossing and turning, promoting a deeper sleep pattern.

In a city where the notion “time is money” is ingrained into its culture, sleep becomes a very precious commodity and Hong Kong people more than ever cherish quality of sleep versus quantity. The press ads make a simple yet bold statement with the shape of the bed created to mimic the position of a very comfortable sleeping position.

“When you think about it, the best and deepest sleeps are always the ones you wake up in the same position you fell asleep in…as if you’ve never moved. This execution directly plays to the core benefit of Casablanca’s magic pillow in the clearest and simplest way.” said Thierry Halbroth, managing partner and executive creative director, Publicis Hong Kong.

The unique visual has caught the attention and curiosity of consumers in Hong Kong, driving sales enquiries and creating excitement amongst loyal Casablanca enthusiasts and new customers in-store and through social media channels.

The campaign is running in key newspapers, on social media as well as supported with in-store displays.


Client: Casablanca Group Limited
Project Title: Deep sleep
Creative: Publicis Hong Kong
Production house & director: ILLUSION CO., LTD.

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