DDB Singapore to help those in need with The LampPost Project for National Day

DDB Singapore has launched The LampPost Project in celebration of Singapore's 52nd National Day, comprising a "unique" collection of commemorative upcycled tote bags. The initiative was devised by a group of designers aiming to create useful, eco-friendly souvenirs to commemorate special occasions.

DDB partnered with Club21 to launch the inaugural range, which features simple, lightweight, practical and unique bags made from recycled lamppost banners and flags produced for National Day every year. The project seeks to make supporters look good and feel good about their purchase, with the hashtag #DogoodLookgoodFeelgood. Moving forward, it intends to expand the number of brands and retail partners it works with to support the growing initiative.

Each bag is cut and hand-stiched by the LOOMs Artisans at The LOOMS Workshops, a social enterprise provides education and employment for women through the creation and sale of handcrafted products. Clients at the Singapore Association of Mental Health, a voluntary welfare organisation, were also involved in the creation of the bags. All proceeds from the sale will go towards the makers of the LampPost bags.

“We like to imagine that a LampPost bag gives new meaning to the word ‘lifestyle’,” Sharon Goh, associate creative director at DDB Group Singapore, said.

“Firstly, each bag helps to improve the ‘life' of the person that made it, and, secondly, represents the ultimate street-'style' accessory as it actually comes from the streets of Singapore. Add the two parts together, and a LampPost bag carries more meaning than any other designer bag," Goh added.