DDB Group turns heartbeat into gold (and silver)

DDB Group Hong Kong is turning heart rate data, the mainstay of fitness analytics apps, into an opportunity to create a personalised gift that is literally from the heart.

The marketing communication network launched an iOS mobile app, "Crafted by my Heart," that records a user's heart beat by asking users to place their index finger over the phone's flash and camera. The users can then lay down their heart beat as gold, silver or black silver ring.

The agency collaborated with Tribal Worldwide Singapore to develop the app, and partnered with up-and-coming jewellery designer Nomera Ajmal on the base design templates.

Crafted by my heart_SURGE design Crafted by my heart_SIERRA design

Andreas Krasser, head of strategy & innovation at DDB Group Hong Kong, said it marks the first time the agency has designed, produced and launched a product of its own.

He said the ambition behind the rather bold step was to inject more entrepreneurship into the way the agency work and operate. "Industry voices always say that the current advertising agency model is doomed, we keep talking about the need to act like start-ups, and we recommend to find new, sustainable revenue streams and growth opportunities - yet too often we fail to convert these words into action."

The new initiatives, Krasser said, would allow the agency to walk in its clients shoes and got a first-hand experience of controlling the whole production process, from communication, manufacturing, delivery, all the way to customer support.

The rings are now open to customers, costing between HK$1,198 and HK$1,588 (US$155 and US$205), and take around 15 to 20 working days to complete.


DDB Group Hong Kong -
Creative Technologist: Manolis Perrakis
Head of Strategy & Innovation: Andreas Krasser
Project Manager: Billy Cheung
Account Director: Koman Ko
Senior Planner: Adrian Tso
Creative Director: Marcin Brzezinski
Senior Art Director: Colin Siu
Tribal Worldwide Singapore -
Project Director: Jean Kim
Head of Technology: Weelee Yeo
Jewellery designer: Nomera Ajmal