DDB Group SG revamps consulting practice

DDB Group Singapore is revamping Radar, its consulting practice that taps into consumer conversations and customer data to uncover insights that lead to strategy planning and solutions. Four new solution offerings under Radar have now been launched. These include:

1. Campaign navigator – This quickly identifies consumer insights for brands

2. Brand deep dive – This is an in depth research that turns consumer insights into strategy for growth

3. Content wave maker – Content creation that taps on social trends for compelling engagement

4. Engagement solutions – Immersive technology solutions that work across social, web, and mobile

The Radar practice was first launched in 2011 by regional strategy director, Carlos Palacios. Since then the service has been used on clients such as DBS, NEA, ExxonMobil, McDonald’s, Volkswagen, and Courts.

The revamp came following the appointment of Radar’s new consulting director, Benjamin Koe, who joined in late 2013. Koe was formerly the CEO and co-founder of social media monitoring and analysis company JamiQ. Before JamiQ, he was a consultant at public relations firm Hill & Knowlton.

“With Koe’s expertise in social insights, content creation, and technology, we could reinvent Radar to better meet the social and digital needs of clients today. While social insights and strategy are a great start, the new content creation and engagement solutions are about turning those plans into actions that yield results,” said Palacios.

“We need to stay two steps ahead of the industry and be ready to meet the challenges of today,” said Koe, “This revamp of Radar is only the beginning of what we can do when technology, data, and expertise come together.”