DDB goes live with Degree

Creative agency DDB is taking on a live feel by creating a new 24/7 marketing lab. The office redesigned itself into a “live lab” which enables the employees to understand, experience and operate with ease.

At the heart of the DDB office redesign is an online store, and storefront, called Degree; a shopper-marketing unit, data-analysis centre and a photography studio and film unit that experiments with design, ideas and systems that hones the agency’s skills for clients.

According to the agency, the Internet has transformed the face of the ad industry. As such, the marketplace extends from cutting-edge data analysis to deliver the right message to the right person.

“Degree is a simple, hands-on way to brings together the complexity of advertising integration,” said Neil Johnson, chief creative officer, DDB Group Singapore.

He added that when the time came for the agency to renovate the office, the team decided to actually redesign it by turning it into a “live lab” that allows its 350-strong team to create for, understand, experience and operate within this complexity with familiarity and ease.

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