DBS unveils travel rewards platform iGO

It's official, Hongkongers love to travel. New research shows that on average, Hong Kong people travel overseas three times a year and spend a total of HK$28,721 per person. With some 75% of that travel booked online, DBS has launched a new platform to grab an increasingly larger share of that online travel spending.

In the past several years the bank has invested heavily to drive innovation in digital banking, and its latest initiative iGO Rewards aims to simplify the customer experience even more.

iGO is a travel platform that enables DBS Black MasterCard cardholders to travel by redeeming their DBS dollars directly. The core features include instant confirmation, partnerships with major airlines and more than 100,000 hotels globally and access to professional travel experts.

To launch the platform, DBS tasked UM Rally to generate buzz and create anticipation on social media, which has resulted in an engagement campaign with actor Louis Koo. The social videos will be launched in the coming weeks show how DBS Black Card helped Louis Koo to solve a series of crises.


【新戲預告:《神秘通話》】【領銜主演:古天樂】嘟…嘟…嘟…又係神秘來電,又係謎一般嘅聲音,究竟有乜大事即將發生喺 古天樂 Louis Koo 身上?DBS Black Card 又點幫佢化解危機?記得留意我哋嘅Facebook首映,同古仔一齊解迷,驚喜隨時出現!#DBSiGO

Posted by DBS Black Card (HK) on Monday, February 22, 2016