DBS looks to spark joy in Hong Kong

Following its launch in Singapore last year, DBS will roll out its regional branding initiative "Igniting Possibilities, Sparking Joy" in Hong Kong later this week with an online video and TV campaign launching Sunday.

Dubbed "Spark", the campaign aims to inspire new ideas for young entrepreneurs, according to Dennis Eng, vice president of group strategic marketing and communications at DBS Bank Hong Kong.

Created by FevaWorks Solutions, the viral video takes place at DBS Central branch showing two animated DBS mascots dancing and performing tricks on a glass window, which, according to Eng, is an effort to "spark joy in customers and pedestrians.

"Going forward, we seek to challenge traditional perceptions of banks and banking by sparking joyful experiences in DBS customers," said Eng.

"We do this through pain-free and delightful customer experiences that embrace simple and effortless banking, understanding and growing businesses, providing great shareholder returns, valuing trust and loyalty, offering plentiful opportunities to learn and a great place to work, giving back to the community and seeking to create an impact beyond banking," he added.

The campaign covers all DBS operating markets including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, India and Indonesia.

With a market cap of SG$50 billion, DBS is now ranked among the 200 most valuable publicly listed companies in the world.