DBS looks out for epic moments at the Singapore Gallery

Seeing how the DBS Singapore Gallery, part of the National Gallery Singapore, is a place steeped in history and home to Singapore’s most significant moments, local bank DBS invited the public to share their memories and aspirations at this iconic building through a social media activation.

The social media campaign called “DBS Singapore Gallery Epic Moments” runs on Facebook and Instagram.

On 16 January, around 30 Singaporeans were also invited to participate in a unique community collaboration, where they recreated their special life moments or formed new memories with their families and friends. They came together for a photo shoot, which showcased their diverse memories, at the former City Hall steps.

Participants included representatives from last year’s National Day Parade vintage contingent, Singaporeans who had their graduation and wedding photos taken at the former City Hall steps, aspiring street-dancers and yoga practitioners.

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In addition, DBS Bank invited close to 100 Instagram photographers to capture these moments via their unique perspectives. Their photos were stitched together to form a stop motion video.

Take a look at the video:




In doing so, one of the largest #stopmogram movements in Singapore was created.

In 2014, DBS donated SG$25 million to The National Gallery Singapore to support its efforts in telling the Singapore story through visual arts. This initiative hopes to further entrench DBS Singapore Gallery’s position as the home of Singapore art, actively telling the Singapore story through the diverse stories of Singaporeans.