DBS Hong Kong uses viral content to lure young adults

To drive its card acquisition of local university students and fresh graduates, DBS Hong Kong has teamed up with some popular KOLs in its latest campaign by asking one of them to write a “viral literature”(潮文), and the others to play a role in its video version.

The campaign kicked off in late July in pre-heat stage by inviting BlueGodZi (藍橘子), a popular cantonese viral literature writer, to share a piece themed “first time” portraying various first encounters in university study, and how they differed from work lives. Then, it asked another KOL Shakepearelove (莎比亞) to share it a day before the video launch to stir up discussions.

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The bank explained that as university students and fresh graduates would experience a lot of their first times in their university life as they are still fresh in society. Hence, “first time” is applied throughout the campaign. “We want to encourage both ‘applying COMPASS VISA’ and ‘having COMPASS VISA’ to be their ‘first time’.”

One week after the text version was released, the brand published a video version, adding the scheme’s special features in the plots. Starring another two KOL Weng Chan (雞Wing) and Kaman Kong (江嘉敏), the video in turn drew more fans into attentions, garnering over 300,000 views within two days.

Check out the video here:


Client: DBS Hong Kong
Digital and social media: CMRS Digital Solutions
Managing partner: Mark Chan
Account director: Ryan Tse
Social media executive: Tweeti Au Yeung
Social media executive: Jason Ho
Social media assistant: Vianne Leung
Content creation consultant: Law Ka In
Content creation supervisor: Ceci Chan
Production: Visualution Labs

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