DBS Hong Kong rolls out new retirement plan campaign featuring Pal Sinn and Paisley Hu

DBS Hong Kong has partnered with Sunny Idea to launch a new integrated campaign to encourage the public to plan their retirement early.

Titled “Twenty Years of No-Pay Leave”, the campaign included a video featuring artists Pal Sinn and Paisley Hu, both are well-known for leading an exciting lifestyle.

DBS Hong Kong sees people are increasingly striving for work-life balance and passionate about travelling. In the video, the bank translates retirement as a 20 years of unpaid leave for employees, and encourages audiences to plan their retirement ahead.

Instead of pushing an idealistic narrative with lofty post-retirement aspirations, Sunny Idea has adopted  a trailer-style approach to tell the story in a humorous yet provocative way.

The integrated campaign includes a 30-second TV commercial, outdoor placements, content across different social channels, and in-branch communication at DBS Hong Kong locations.