DBS HK wins customers’ hearts through full-fledged app and instant credit card application

Applying for a credit card could take more than a week as customers are required to complete a detailed application form and receive the physical card by mail. DBS Bank (Hong Kong) has disrupted this norm by launching an instant feature through which customers can start using the credit card in minutes. 

DBS Bank (Hong Kong)’s dedicated app DBS Omni has upgraded with a first-in-market credit card issuance feature. Customers can apply for a credit card and get approved within minutes, allowing them to enjoy a more convenient and faster shopping experience backed by enhanced functions and exclusive offers.

Thanks to KREW’s proprietary analytics tool KREWatch, this feature particularly targets Generation Z, a young yet tech-savvy sector that enjoys a fast-paced lifestyle and is open to trying new things.  

To raise the awareness of this app and attract passers-by to try this revolutionary feature, DBS Bank (Hong Kong) launched a motion detection game at Festival Walk, inviting participants to stand in front of the machine and imitate the running action by running in the same place.

Aiming at telling the target audiences about how fast the application process could be, the event successfully increased the number of credit card applications through DBS OMNI. In Q4 2019, the number of credit applications increased by 18% year-over-year. 

The successful campaign has achieved outstanding results in Marketing magazine’s inaugural Loyalty & Engagement Awards in Hong Kong, winning two gold awards in the Best Use of Contests and Best Use of Smart Data Analytics category, and a bronze in the Best Loyalty Programme - Finance & Insurance category. 

Bernard Chan, executive director, and head of cards and unsecured lending at DBS Bank Hong Kong, explained the secrets behind the success. 

“The use of data and the design of UX for clients are the most important factors that contribute to success. Data is crucial to everything and it can help design the customer experience for them,” he said. 

“Remember to put the clients in the heart and put your feet in clients’ shoes along the customer journey,” he added.

This article is sponsored by DBS Bank (Hong Kong).