DBS digital campaign strikes gold with 'Tat Vinci'

DBS' latest campaign, dubbed 'The Art of Spending', created in collaboration with Secret Tour Hong Kong, is solely distributed on YouTube and other social media channels. Within a week, the video generated 950k views and over 12.5k reactions on Facebook. According to Queenie Lam, senior vice president at DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited, acquisition has also increased by over 174% post-campaign.

Lam said using digital marketing to reach the younger generation had proven very effective.

"Now that we could no longer find youngsters staying in front of the television, we have to change our approaches to reach this target segment," she said. "Traditionally we would create a TVC and formulate OOH or digital strategies around it; in this campaign, we go digital-first, while other channels serve as supplements."

Lam added that the video's song was intended to be an 'ear-worm'.

"It has to be fun, young and impressive to go viral on the internet," she explained.

The campaign was designed to introduce the travel benefits of its credit card, DBS Compass Visa.

For "The Art of Spending", the bank worked with renowned local influencer Tat Gor, portrays him as "Mozartat" or "Tat Vinci" in the video, and asked him to mimic art legends and figures such as Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, and even Jesus in the art piece "Last Supper", to quite literally sing praise for the card.

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