DBS bets big on Joey Yung and Louis Koo

DBS has given a boost to its Eminent Card with an ad campaign focused around two towering figures in Hong Kong entertainment business, Joey Yung (容祖兒) and Louis Koo (古天樂).

Spanning broadcast, social media and digital, the campaign aims cement its Eminent Card as the online-shopping and overseas spending card that gives customers access to a one-stop shop with a variety of local and overseas merchants.

"Our target is experienced online shoppers who know what they want," said Anna Wong, senior account director at Interpublic, the group responsible for the campaign.

"They are smart shoppers and know where to look for deals to make the most of their purchases and this is where Eminent Card comes in – a gateway to a consortium of trendy merchants."

To bring this positioning to life, DBS is using the star power of Joey Yung and Louis Koo and create a “friendly rivalry” between them to add another dimension to the campaign - where their personalities and shopping habits illustrate the product features.

Rebecca Li, senior vice president, marketing and marketing communications at DBS, added that the campaign was designed to speak to the digital savvy customer who is well-travelled and discerning.

"DBS Eminent Card is positioned as aspirational, with a customer experience that is seamless, innovative and joyful."

Client: DBS
Creative: Interpublic
Business director: Philip Tsang
Senior account director: Anna Wong
Strategic planning director: Eunice Wong
Senior account executive: Karen Tam
Executive creative director: Paul Swee
Group creative director: James Reeves, Philip Lee
Associate creative director: Jeff Ng
Associate creative director: Kain Law
Media agency: OMD Hong Kong