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 The fundamental function of marketing is evolving. Unlike their predecessors, the current crop of marketers work and collaborate across multi-disciplinary teams to support and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

These agile marketers require purpose-built tools to achieve business growth.

Kerry Lau, head of marketing, asia pacific and japan, at Acoustic shares the evolving functions of marketing and how Acoustic's intuitive AI-powered tools and expert guidance can equip and engage this new generation of high capacity marketers to do their best work ever.

How do you see the marketing function evolving in 2020?

Traditional marketing team structures are evolving. Marketers now have to work and collaborate across the business to support and deliver exceptional customer experiences. We have seen new team structures which merge design, data, engineering, product and marketing teams together.

These agile teams, with multi-disciplinary marketers working on prioritising what needs to be solved for the business, will be the teams who can support a growing ecosystem of purpose-built marketing tools and win in helping accelerate business growth. Delivering an exceptional customer experience is not getting any easier.

With the widening range of customer touch-points and the huge volume of data created by these touch-points, it is not possible for a marketer to analyse all the data that’s generated. Marketers will need to invest in their skills.

As a marketer, you can no longer be single-skilled

We have seen leading organisations invest in their marketing teams’ talent – boosting their data, analytics and digital capabilities, and also hiring technical marketing talent, areas which are key to maintaining the best customer experiences and marketing technologies.

Any trends we can expect in 2020?

A key area where we will continue to see a lot of discussions around in 2020 is trust and privacy, and we have seen this already come up in a big way at the recent CES 2020.

GDPR and other privacy regulations will require marketers to focus on improving their data hygiene processes, and collaborate closely with their tech, legal and compliance teams to keep up to date with the changes in data and privacy laws.

Having a marketing platform that enables you to keep up with increasing regulation and provide greater control to customers and marketers will be important. For a marketer today, there are over 7,000 tools to choose from, and yet many organisations struggle to consolidate and manage their ecosystem of marketing tools and data, to extract value and to enable advanced customer segmentation, deep personalisation and relevant messaging to customers and prospects.

Data integration and marketing data architects will emerge as new and vital roles in marketing organisations as AI and machine learning-based marketing tools analyse data and customer behaviour, make recommendations and predictions, and get smarter based on the data and information fed into them.

AI and machine learning will continue to evolve and make hyper-personalisation a reality – especially in content personalisation and predictive analytics to boost engagement, and to assist in determining where in the customer journey users might convert or struggle and drop off.

How are you evolving your business to keep up with change?

Acoustic is in a unique position. Following its independence from IBM mid-last year, Acoustic is now the largest independent marketing cloud, offering marketers purpose-built solutions on an innovative open marketing platform.

We are drinking our own champagne and building the Acoustic business on our Acoustic technology to serve an international client base of more than 3,500 brands, including Fortune 500 companies. By focusing on the marketer, and implementing our personalisation, analytics and AI technology as we build the business, we will continue to integrate our marketing platform with other best of breed tools to evolve.

The writer is Kerry Lau, head of marketing, asia pacific and japan, at IBM in support of Acoustic.

This sponsored post by Acoustic is part of Marketing’s annual Futurist series and was first published in our January/February 2020 issue.