Daryl Aiden Yow deletes all Instagram photos: A move in the right direction?

Defamed photographer-influencer Daryl Aiden Yow has deleted all his photographs on his Instagram page due to accusations of plagiarism. A quick check by Marketing has also found Yow’s webpage to have ceased to exist. The move comes shortly after he admitted to his wrong doings, and saw brands such as Sony and Uniqlo, which worked with him, thrust into the spotlight.

In a conversation with Marketing, Lars Voedisch, founder of PRecious Communications said that the move is somewhat similar to what big brands would do during a crisis - switching their usual website to a so-called "dark side". This helps to focus just on the response to the crisis. He added:

Taking all photos off of his Instagram account allows Yow to focus all the attention on his apology.

At the same time, the move will avoid more of his images being questioned or made fun of.

"The whole saga is a reminder that brands have to do proper diligence before and while engaging influencers," he added.

Edwin Yeo, GM of SPRG Singapore too said deleting all the photos except the apology is a good move.

“The photos are a reminder of his misdeeds, and he really does need a fresh start if he still wants to rebuild himself as an influencer,” he said.

But on the flip side, some people might accuse him of trying to destroy evidence.

“I think leaving the apology there shows he's not trying to hide anything. That said, the move only mitigates, but it doesn't erase the offence. He will have to work really hard to repair his reputation, but it can be done,” he said.

Adding on to the conversation, Marc Bakker, marketing director for Right Hook Communications said the move is a right one as Yow needs to step out of the public eye to let the furore die down. He also needs to give some thought as to what he wants to do next.

"This is something that we often see with celebrities that have come under fire where they lay low for six months, reinvent themselves and plan a comeback in a recognisable yet altered form," he said.

"If Yow is serious about being a photographer, he's going to have to start again from the bottom and earn the trust of his audience again. That's going to be an uphill battle since every picture he takes is going to be scrutinised for signs of 'cheating'," he added.

Both Voedisch and Bakker added that despite the controversy, Yow is no doubt talented.

Bakker added, "Having said that, he's also displayed some pretty solid Photoshop skills, so he might want to consider shifting his focus to digital wizardry instead. Who knows, he might have a bright future as a digital artist."

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