Darlie's new commercial shows off Dilireba's shining smile

Hawley & Hazel (HK)’s Darlie has launched a new commercial for the brand’s toothpaste featuring celebrity Dilireba.

The commercial, created by Sweetshop Shanghai and Grey Hong Kong features a walk through a light and airy setting as Dilireba playfully reveals that Darlie not only whitens but also protects her teeth.

Cartoony animation shows the beverage from Dilireba's mug coming to life to start swirling towards her face, but the stains are no match for her Darlie toothpaste – a “secret weapon” which she tosses towards the camera. Then equally cartoony diamonds frame Dilireba’s white-toothed smile.

The video ends with the frame filled with Darlie’s wide range of products, aiming to deliver the message that the variety of toothpaste options can help potential customers achieve long-lasting “all shiny white” teeth.


Laura Geagea, managing director and executive producer for Sweetshop China, Asia and MENA, said Taiwanese director Showy Lin has stayed true to his visually decadent style, employing VFX to create the image.

Lin said, “I loved this script from Grey as it was both entertaining and informative at the same time, allowing me to tap into the cheerful and lighthearted side of Dilireba to help deliver the product story and put smiles on peoples’ faces."


Client Hawley & Hazel (HK), Darlie

Agency Grey Hong Kong

Chief Creative Officer Michael Knox

Group Creative Director Hans Ibrahim

Agency Producer John Lo

Account Manager  Ted Tam

Production Company Sweetshop Shanghai

Director Showy Lin

Producer Ray Chang

Managing Director & Executive Producer Laura Geagea

DOP Simon Hau

Art Director Julius Mak

Post Company Ping Pong, Hong Kong

Offline Editor Teddy Mak

Post Production Executive Producer Karina Yim