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Danone’s Mizone new ad gets teenagers off to a flying start

Mizone, a vitamin drink brand under Danone Water, has launched its latest TV campaign with Y&R Shanghai in order to build a deeper bond with younger people and encourage them to be proactive.

The brand message has evolved from restoration to propulsion, as the isotonic drink’s iconic ‘tilt-man’ device is replaced by hundreds of flying college students.

As the TVC’s young characters try to find excuses to procrastinate, they are propelled forward, quite literally, by a giant Mizone.

Margaret Chen, Danone Water China chief marketing officer, commented: “We are very proud of this new work that happened after a close collaboration with Y&R and we hope that this new film will help build more brand love with the youths of China”.

Agency: Y&R
Creative: Eric Shang, Hank, Yvonne, Na Yiqi
Account management: Justin Dee, Sandy Huang, Joey Gu
Planning: Ben Kay, Shirley Zhou, Stephen Drummond

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