DanChurchAid and Grey look to #clearthepitch

Grey for Good, the philanthropic arm of Grey Group Singapore, has teamed up with DanChurchAid (DCA) to drive support for creating safer communities in post-conflict zones around the world – communities free of dangerous remnants of war such as land mines,  unexploded ammunition and cluster bombs.

According to Grey, this is a pressing topic often described as one of the most evil problems affecting millions of civilians in over 60 countries around the world. However, the topic does not feature a lot in the public conversation or the media – other imminent issues get all the coverage.

To change this, the team has developed an integrated campaign that builds an emotional link to one of the world’s biggest sports: football.  Introducing #ClearThePitch, a campaign which links the global love for football with the aim of  creating greater awareness and support for the essential work of making communities in post-conflict  zones safer to live. Through the campaign, Grey hopes to not just drive awareness but also donations for an organisation.

Richard MacCormac, DCA Head of Mine Action, “Together with Grey for Good, we look forward to driving an impact on this issue. The goal is not only creating safe ‘football pitches’ for children, but to
also provide safe and secure living conditions for families and communities so they can live a ‘normal’

“The theme of football is everything but random. It allows us to reach and involve a huge group of people: not just millions of fans but also the clubs, players, associations and potentially even the sponsors,"said Till Hohmann, Executive Creative Director & Vice President (GSK), Grey Group Singapore.