Citroen partners with IKEA for "masked" test drive campaign

Cycle & Carriage (C&C) has launched a campaign for Citroen's new C4 Picasso range to inform customers' perception of the brand by associating it with comfort. Conceptualised and built by activation agency Always Marketing Singapore, the campaign is running on out-of-home (OOH), online, social media and print channels until mid June 2017.

The campaign, titled "The Most Comfortable Test Drive", includes a "masked" test drive to allow customers to judge Citroen's C4 Picasso's level of comfort based solely on their experience rather than any preconceived notions they might have. According to the press statement, C&C collaborated with IKEA to bring the test drive to consumers by offering shoppers a free ride home.

Test drive cars are "masked" black to cover up brand logos on the exterior and steering wheel. Accompanied by a Citroen sales representative, consumers can then choose to drive themselves or be driven to their preferred location within a 15 minutes travel radius.

The company said it used in-car cameras to film shoppers' candid reactions during test drives. Thereafter, shoppers were asked to rate their comfort experience and guess the brand of the car before being revealed by a Citroen sales representative.

El Matanguihan, creative director, Southeast Asia, said:"Through this campaign, we hope to resonate with car buyers and connect in a meaningful manner – surpassing any preconceived perceptions they might have with the brand."