Cussons Baby's latest campaign appeals to motherhood instincts

Cussons Baby, a baby care brand in Indonesia, has released its new campaign titled Naluri Ibu, or "sense of a mother" in English. The campaign aims to show how the brand understands the different phases of growth between a mother and her baby and accompanies them throughout the motherhood journey.

The year-long campaign has been rolled out on digital platforms such as YouTube, and will soon be reaching out to other Indonesian mothers’ across various cities via touch-points such as television, stores, and events. Cassandra Mitzy from PZ Cussons Indonesia said, "Instincts as a mother keeps evolving with the development of our baby and so does the need of different baby care solutions. We feel privileged to be the only brand in Indonesia who caters to these changing emotions of a mother in the baby care category with a wide range of products made with natural ingredients.”


The agency behind it is The Thinking Machine Asia. Chief creative officer of the agency Vivek Nair said that the idea came from a simple insight that senses evolve - the natural instinct that a mother has when holding a newborn to her feeling when she sees her baby walk or crawl is completely different. The agency wanted to show that for every evolution, the brand has a product for the growing baby and give mothers "the confidence to trust [their] own instincts.”