Creator of Fyre Festival event gets 6-years jail time and US$26m fine for fraud

The founder, Billy McFarland, of the "Fyre Festival" scam has been jailed for six years. According to multiple media reports from BBC, The Guardian and many others, McFarland was also been ordered to pay over US$26 million on top of his jail sentence.

He was found guilty of multiple counts of fraud that included two counts of wire fraud related to the Fyre Festival, as well as two more counts of fraud relating to another ticket-selling scam. Rapper Ja Rule, who was said to be a co-organiser of the event, was not charged in connection with the fraud. He has since argued that McFarland used his name to promote the event, media reports said.

Last year in April, the Fyre Festival, was promised to be a luxury event in the Bahamas, with tickets costing between US$1,200 to US$100,000, according to BBC.

The event was also promoted by top models such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. However, when party goers arrived at the destination, it was a "chaos" and the promised luxury accommodations with groumet food turned out to be sandwiches and leaking tents.  Soon after this saw the trending hashtag #fyrefraud emerge.