Creative Take: Online video advertising

Online video advertising has been embraced wholeheartedly by Malaysian marketers as of the past three years, reflecting the shift to digital is a natural progression.

Consumers habits are changing; the way the audience watch TV has moved onto the online space.

Eric Cruz, executive creative director of Leo Burnett told A+M that online video advertising offers much more opportunities for brands to engage with their audience.

"It's a new viewing experience, which is no longer passive."

One of the major appeals of online video advertising is its content. The byproduct isn't consumed as an advertisement, even though the content is branded. Leo Burnett's work with Samsung is a reflection of this. The eight short episodes that followed a couple through the thickets of their relationship, plotted around a bakery, grew a steady stream of followers and social media shares from fans. The short films were among the most viewed YouTube videos in Malaysia in 2013.

The online platform has provided creative directors with the freedom to  go further in order to build a brand image. Key advantage: no 30 seconds time constraint.

But of course, the main concern for marketers is creating enough buzz and interaction between the brand and its target audience. Online video enables brands to do just that, like seen in The Sparkle project with Yuna that asked fans to submit their ideas.

The Sparkle Project with Yuna on Youtube saw a music video being co-created by the audience. Yuna welcomed her fans to submit their ideas allowing them to feel a sense of ownership with the end product creating a loyalty to the brand.

The notable trend of brands investing more in online video advertising was made obvious at this year's Super Bowl, with brands such as Budweiser, H&M, Doritos and Go Daddy using the platform to launch its national/global campaigns.

Marketers and agencies, what are your thoughts on this new medium?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's article digesting the pros and cons of online video advertising.