Creative folks in Malaysia define plagiarism [VIDEO]

Following the Leo Burnett saga where the advertising giant was accused of plagiarism by filmmaker Tan Chui Mui, a group of ten industry players and content creators in Malaysia came together to create a film- each defining in their own words, what exactly does plagiarism means to them.

Many of them share their personal experiences, giving examples and thoughts on the problems of plagiarism, the solutions, while expressing hopes of a better world for creative people.

The ten of them include names such as You Tubers Reuben Kang and “The MingThing” (formed by Ming Han & Ming Yue), Naga DDB’s head of AV Sharon De Silva and executive creative director Alvin Teoh, and also Tan, who’s still in the midst of a lawsuit by Leo Burnett over her allegations of plagiarism on the Rubber Boy film.

On screen, they describe what plagiarism means to them. Here are a couple of lines from some of the individuals:

Da Huang Pictures, Tan: I think, to many people in the creative line, copying is a very vague term, as in which line it is crossing will be considered as plagiarism.

Naga DDB, De Silva: It is like taking somebody’s idea, tweaking it a little bit and trying to pass on as your own.

Naga DDB, Teoh said: If he wants to take another person’s idea for his own benefit, for his own glory [...] and it is wilful.

The almost 36 minutes You Tube film has gathered nearly 12,000 views since it was published on 4 July. Click the link below to watch more on what they say:

Share with us how you define plagiarism.