Crafting a moving new story for Hong Kong’s talented young creatives

A multi-award-winning motion design house, eMotionLAB has been at the forefront of crafting innovative videos for leading Hong Kong corporations, brands and organisations for almost 10 years. Young, and agile, eMotionLAB draws on multiple fields from design, to advertising, filmmaking and animation to craft its engaging stories, messages and how-to explainers.

With the relentless march of social media, smartphones and other devices, the demand for attention-grabbing moving imagery and motion design is growing at an unprecedented level.

Mandy Tsang, founder and director of eMotionLAB, explains, “Local industry has yet to receive the resources and attention it deserves. This is where the ‘Feel the Motion’ programme comes in. It is an important opportunity to promote the development of motion design and offer an exciting new career path for talented and creative Hongkongers.”

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‘Feel the motion’ is a sustainable CSR programme organised by Sino Group and hosted by eMotionLAB. It is designed to provide learning, training and work experience opportunities to help aspiring young talent develop careers in motion design.

It will involve industry sharing sessions and master talks from experts from Hong Kong and around the world, and accelerator workshops which will offer trainees opportunities to equip themselves with the future-proof skills of motion design. Up to 30 participants will be selected to receive financial assistance of HK$5000 and the opportunity to enjoy working on a commissioned project. 

Tsang said, “This is really the industry taking up the challenge itself to provide young people with incentives and encouragement to start a career in an innovative creative industry with a glowing future.”

“Hong Kong is blessed with enormous reserves of talented and creative young people and with the tremendous support of a major Hong Kong corporation like the Sino Group, I believe that ‘Feel the Motion’ is the kind of out-of-the-box initiative that reflects the true spirit of Hong Kong as we reinvent ourselves for a new age. I am thrilled that, as a co-sponsor, eMotionLAB can play a role in this important undertaking," she added.

This article is sponsored by eMotionLAB.