COVID-19 spots: MOE sings 'bye bye virus', while brings back Phua Chu Kang

Ministry of Education (MOE) has released a song to combat coronavirus and stay protected. Titled "Bye Bye Virus", the spot features five "soaperhero" mascots and students from Teck Whye Primary School. The Soaper 5 - Wipe up Wilson, Super soaper Soffy, Virus screener Varun, Hands down Hana, Mask up Mei Mei - were unveiled as part of MOE's measures in encouraging students to keep hygienic.

The song starts off with , "Wanna know how to beat the virus? Follow these simple steps", and reminds all to wash hands with soap, not to touch their faces, wear a mask and consult a doctor if they are unwell, as well as to wipe down seats to ensure the place is clean for the next person.

The video includes students casually dancing, and has a teacher grooving with the kids. A catchy phrase "coronavirus go away, coronavirus don't you stay, coronavirus go away, coronavirus down down" is repeated throughout the one-minute video.

Meanwhile, brought out the iconic Phua Chu Kang character to talk about the COVID-19 situation. PCK has resurfaced after the "SAR-vivor" rap in 2003 that is still remembered by several here in Singapore. Whilst this new video does not include a song or a rap, PCK delivers the message in his trademark yellow boots and facial mole, and not forgetting Singlish humour.

"SARS is the virus that I just want to minus," starts the new PCK video, where he then educates everyone on protective measures against the virus. worked with Tribal Worldwide Singapore in raising awareness through videos and posters during the COVID-19 situation. Watch PCK get serious:

In addition, several other TV personalities such as Patricia Mok, Suhaimi Yusof and Anandha Kannan share about personal and social responsibility, as well as how members of the public can manage the spread of the virus in Singapore. This comes as companies in Singapore too have extended help to not just patients, but also to the general public in keeping safe. Insurance companies such as Prudential, Great Eastern and Manulife donated generous amounts to The Courage Fund, and also stepped up on benefit coverage.

Currently, Singapore has had 77 confirmed cases, and a total of 24 has been discharged. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently renamed the novel coronavirus (nCOV) to COVID-19. CO stands for corona, VI for virus, and D for disease, and 19 is for the year it was first discovered. According to WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, having an official name is necessary to prevent stigmatising, and that it provides a standard format for any future coronavirus outbreaks.

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