Corona encourages people “Living is NOW”

Following “Go Chill” campaign on Single’s Day last year, Corona China joins hands with its brand agency Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai to launch its latest summer campaign “Living is Now”.

In China, most people only get to fully enjoy life on big holidays such as Spring Festival and Golden Week. Everything in between is just a momentary escape. While they know it’s important to enjoy life to the fullest, cultural expectations and responsibilities are making them feel guilty of doing it whenever they want. Corona wanted to challenge that ideal and show people that life is to enjoy now and not later.

By hi-jacking the daily digital escape via pre-roll on video portal, the brand pushes out a series of short films about spontaneous moments – the moment you hit by waves, the moment you diving into chill water and glide on surfboard that may flip anytime to jolt people out of mundane daily life, to remind people what they’ve been missing out when staying inside.

“The ocean knows how to wake us up as it is always about NOW. It never waits until you finish browsing your WeChat moment or complete a day of work. The waves hit you right away, shakes you up with a pure and impactful sensation. That’s the moment we know we are living,” said Vivian Yong, creative director from W+K Shanghai.

Social wise, Corona China also launches “48 hours, go now” on Weibo and Wechat to give people a real chance to break out and enjoy life now. Calling for ideas of 48-hour travel plan on Weibo with KOL and celebrities, the brand fulfills three most interesting plan each week to let lucky audience experience the spirit and beauty of living the moment.


This campaign soon gets into people’s attention and generates an impressive response online. The topic of “living is now, go!” gets 4.67 million views on Weibo on the first two days after campaign launched.