Convoy Global rolls out rebranding campaign across Hong Kong

Following the launch of Convoy’s new logo and brand promise in late April, the Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is rolling out a thematic campaign as part of its rebranding scheme.

Since introducing the concept of IFA into Hong Kong years ago, Convoy has faced the challenge of general unawareness towards their business nature. Their new brand promise, ‘Invest for You, for Life’ conveys their commitment to offering impartial financial advice to help their clients make investment decisions in life. As IFA, Convoy does not represent any financial product providers. All they represent is individual client. By taking the lead in educating the public on the concept of IFA, Convoy further establishes its authority as the best and only IFA in Hong Kong and carries out the vision of ‘IFA is Convoy’.

Determined to deliver a new brand image, Convoy partnered with Uth Creative Group and BLOW to re-design their logo. Comprised of three colours, the new logo communicates the three core values of Convoy: Passion represented in red; Integrity represented in white; and Professionalism represented in blue. The meaning of these core values are deepened in the thematic campaign with different stories of Convoy’s financial consultants who bring all these qualities to life, echoing the significance behind the unique role of IFA.

Convoy has expressed that “Integrity is our commitment to be responsible for our clients. We also serve them with passion by understanding their individual needs. Not only do we possess professional financial knowledge, we act as a professional listener, observer and adviser in choosing the best for our clients.”

Check out the first of three videos below:

The thematic launch is rolled out through TV commercial, out-of-home (OOH), print, digital, social media and press, communicating its role as an independent insurance and investment consultant with comprehensive consumer insight. TV and OOH advertising, chosen as the core communication channels, aim to arouse mass awareness with great media exposure.

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Henry Shin, Executive Director of Convoy Global Holdings Limited said, “The new logo is an affirmation of our core values. It enshrines the spirit of IFA in helping clients invest in their own future. We are devoted to bring a new era of IFA. Integrity is our core; Passion is our attitude; Professionalism is our weapon. Together they make up IFA.’

Desmond So, CEO of Uth commented that throughout the last few months’ intensive creative development, the Client / Agency team was able to well define a unique selling proposition for Convoy by its IFA role. “This somehow inspired our strategy for the long term brand platform which only Convoy alone could own in the financial sector.”

Ken Lo, Founder of BLOW said, “This is an important project. Redesigning a logo is never an easy task- our client themselves must be determined and passionate about their own change. Throughout the project, we have been greatly moved by Convoy’s high-spirited team morale. We are all happy with the design that came to fruition not only by the effort of a decent designer, but more importantly by the vision of our client.”



Executive Director, Convoy Global Holdings Limited & Chief Executive Officer, Convoy Financial Services Limited: Henry Shin

Executive Director & Group Chief People & Culture Officer, Convoy Global Holdings Limited: Almond Wong

Corporate Communications Department, Convoy Financial Group – Manager: Bobo Wong

Corporate Communications Department, Convoy Financial Group – Assistant Manager: Joey Hui

Corporate Communications Department, Convoy Financial Group – Officer: Quizti But


Agency – Uth Creative Group Limited

Chief Executive Officer: Desmond So

Executive Creative Director: Milker Ho

Senior Art Director: Kit Hon

Copywriter: Katie Ng

Creative Director: Anderson Wan

Senior Art Director: Ryan Chu

Business Director: Noel Yuen

Associate Account Director: Queenie Cheng

Account Executive: Keefe Ho

Associate Account Director: Ruby Law

Account Executive: Regen Lee


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Executive Producer: Dicky Wu

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Producer: Cyrus Lai

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Casting Director: Sara Leung

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