Converse China is "Not For Everyone"

Converse China has launches Jack Purcell 2017 summer campaign "Not For Everyone" with a collage style visual, and a bold brand statement:

Look at these sneakers.
You may not get their looks.
Or their smiles.
"Never mind." they'll say.
They are not born to please everyone.
Those who get them.
Are those who have guts, style, and vision.
Still don’t get it?
Just watch.

Not For Everyone

From the start, Jack Purcell's "smile" has been its unique signature. W+K Shanghai, the agency behind the campaign, sets their sights on creating a piece of work that embodies Jack Purcell's spirit and attitude and puts Converse China on the forefront of the contemporary Chinese youth culture again.

The campaign features young individuals, hailing from different parts of China with various backgrounds, such as fashion, music, art, culture, technology, etc.. A common philosophy binds them - "Not For Everyone".

Winson and Wanshi, W+K Shanghai creative directors, said: “We set out to tell the story of contemporary Chinese youth, and all we did was to show the world who they already are."