Contactless loyalty, for a contactless world

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Creating customer loyalty has always been a challenge for brands, and it’s far more difficult when you can’t interact face to face. So, how can you infuse a human touch into programmes such as curbside pickup and contactless payments, and build brand affinity at the same time? You can do this by focusing on contactless loyalty.

Why contactless loyalty?

Contactless loyalty is the act of creating long-lasting connections with your customers and keeping them coming back to your brand – even when human contact is limited. Let’s take a look at what makes contactless loyalty a norm for the new normal.

  • With many people wary of in-person shopping, consumers have new expectations for their in-store experience.
  • Consumers prefer their safety and security, now more than ever, and look forward to contactless experiences.
  • With limited in-person interactions brands need to find new ways to connect with customers.

Contactless experiences

Let’s take a brief look at the tech that allows us to avoid touch, but still stay close to customers’ hearts.

  • Contactless payments.
  • Contactless ordering, pickup and delivery.
  • Contactless check-ins, buttons and screens.
  • Conversational AI, voice technology and location-based messaging.

Key factors for contactless success

Here’s a brief checklist to make contactless loyalty a sure success.

  • Technology that makes life easier for customers and not the other way around.
  • Safety of customers – make it a priority.  
  • Time can make or break a customer experience, so set your expectations wisely.
  • Tone of your messaging matters, now more than ever.

Contactless loyalty is here to stay

Clearly, contactless loyalty is the way forward in a socially distanced world. And it’s definitely something that is here to stay, even beyond the new normal. Because the smart experiences you deliver, the trust you’re building and the safety you provide today, is just the beginning of a long-lasting connection.

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