Connor’s Stout Porter gets straight to the pint

Connor’s Stout Porter by Carlsberg has launched a campaign built around the idea of ‘straight to the pint’.

Created by Havas Worldwide, it targets consumers between 25-40 years old and aims to position Connor’s Stout Porter as a no-nonsense beer that is made just right.

Havas’ creative team spotted the trend of many of the beer brand’s competitors asking people to achieve grandness, instead of highlighting the purposeless and candid interactions many consumers look for with beer.

As such, the agency came up with a solution that is aimed at inspiring people to immerse themselves in these candid, purposeless interactions with people they’re close with.

The three-month long campaign was launched nationwide in April, running across digital, print and OOH platforms. Chalkboards were placed outside pubs and bars, inviting customers to come in and enjoy a pint of Connor’s Stout Porter.

The agency also created an event called “A Night Made Right”, a nightlong of games, contests and casual fun for groups of friends organized at bars across Malaysia.

During the event, a promotion called “Pay What’s Right” ran, where there is no fixed price for a pint of Connor’s Stout Porter and customers paid whatever they felt was right for a pint. Other activities during the event included “Slide-for-a-Pint”, where customers slide a pint of Connor’s Stout Porter on a table and win free pints if they manage to get the pint within target.

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