comScore: Top 10 internet sites and apps visited in Malaysia

Measurement platform comScore is introducing mobile consumer panel data in Malaysia with upgrades to MMX Multi-Platform and Mobile Metrix in order to "better capture digital audience consumption in the country", it said.

The new mobile panel data is expected to assist in expanding comScore’s measurement of mobile audiences in Malaysia, and enable more "robust reporting" of visitation, engagement and demographics (including new segments for age and gender), said the company.

ComScore's MMX Multi-Platform and Mobile Metrix combines data from desktop and mobile consumer panels with data from the comScore census network. The approach serves to provide a persons-based measurement of total digital reach. The latest development in Malaysia will add comScore’s advancement in mobile measurement solutions to a total of 13 markets across the globe.

Joe Nguyen (pictured), senior vice president of Asia Pacific at comScore added, “The introduction of (Android) mobile panel data is an important development in advancing digital audience measurement in Malaysia.”

As smartphones and tablets play an increasingly significant role in consumers’ lives, Nguyen said, robust and unduplicated measurement across platforms as well as devices is critical for media buyers and sellers to plan and optimise their digital strategies. "We have received strong support from the media and advertising industry in Malaysia, and continue to be committed to delivering quality solutions to the market,” he added.

Check out some of the latest statistics and findings by comScore:

Top 10 properties visited from desktop and mobile devices in Malaysia

In April 2017, 50.5% of Malaysia’s total digital population of 18.8 million unique visitors or viewers accessed the internet from both desktop and mobile platforms. 30.8% of the 13.7 million mobile users accessed exclusively via smartphones and tablets, making 22.5% of the total digital population "mobile only."

Google Sites ranked number one with 15.5 million unique visitors or viewers, followed by Facebook with 13.9 million and Yahoo Sites with 7.9 million. Astro group was the top Malaysian property, with a combined desktop and mobile audience of 7.5 million users, with 68.4% accessing digital content only via smartphones and tablets.

Top 10 Properties from Desktop and Mobile Devices in Malaysia
April 2017
Total Malaysia – Age 6+ on Desktop and Age 18+ on Mobile
Source: comScore MMX Multi-Platform
Rank  Property Total Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
Total Digital Population Desktop Mobile
Total Internet: Total Audience 18,792 14,566 13,723
1 Google Sites 15,487 11,736 10,614
2 Facebook 13,917 8,651 10,479
3 Yahoo Sites 7,851 6,312 3,570
4 Astro Group 7,478 2,364 6,204
5 Media Prima Group 6,351 1,674 5,582
6 Rev Asia 6,261 919 5,897
7 Microsoft Sites 6,107 6,030 919
8 Lazada Sites 5,906 4,759 2,432
9 TENCENT Inc. 5,488 523 5,242
10 Maybank Group 4,628 3,796 1,779

Top apps visited from mobile devices in Malaysia

In April 2017, the top four mobile apps reached more than half of the total mobile app audience of 13.8 million unique visitors in Malaysia. WhatsApp Messenger grabbed the top spot with 9.8 million unique visitors, reaching 70.6% of the total mobile app population.

Google Play followed closely with 9.7 million users, while YouTube came in third with 8.3 million visitors. WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook accounted for the most total minutes within the top 10 apps, and represent nearly one-third of Malaysia’s total mobile minutes.

Top 10 Apps from Mobile Devices in Malaysia
April 2017
Total Malaysia – Age 16+, Mobile App only
Source: comScore Mobile Metrix 
Rank App Total Mobile
Total Unique Visitors (000) % Reach
Total Internet: Total Audience (Mobile App only) 13,811 100.0
1 WhatsApp Messenger 9,753 70.6
2 Google Play 9,654 69.9
3 YouTube 8,251 59.7
4 Facebook 7,744 56.1
5 mCent 6,779 49.1
6 Google Search 6,471 46.9
7 Facebook Messenger 5,870 42.5
8 WeChat 5,222 37.8
9 Gmail 4,920 35.6
10 Instagram 4,584 33.2


Serm Teck Choon, president of the Malaysian Digital Association added, as media consumption among consumers continues to evolve, it is imperative to have a trusted, independent measurement source to provide granular, yet actionable data and insights, for advertisers, agencies and publishers to understand the complex multi-platform landscape,”

comScore said its measurement will continue to evolve to address consumers’ changing behaviours and new technologies. It includes the ability to measure and credit traffic from third-party apps and content distributors such as Facebook Instant Articles, to ensure publishers are able to consistently account for its digital audience across devices.