Colgate HK's flight-themed product event takes to the skies with AR

Colgate Hong Kong has launched an airline themed event-led interactive campaign to promote oral hygiene, drawing special attention to its importance for children

The campaign's main event was titled “Anti-bacterial giant airplane Update your Total Experience” (抗菌「巨」機Total體驗 笑住起飛)" and took place at Hysan Place in Causeway Bay. Local singer Leo Ku (古巨基) was invited to be one of the event's faces, partly - or possibly totally - because his name shares the same pronunciation in spoken Chinese as the words for giant aeroplane.

The event has adopted the idea of upgrading - as one does from one class to another for a flight - as a summer theme, to cash in on the holiday mood as Hongkongers gear up to travel. Just as one feels that massive rush at getting pushed up to business or first class, Colgate is attempting to make the same comparison of experience with consumers switching from their current toothpaste brand to its "New Upgraded Colgate Total" toothpaste, launched on January 2019.

During the event, participants were offered a game card with a design similar to a flight ticket. These attendees were then able to participate in a "smile collection" event where they could log their smiles at a check-in counter via an interactive AR game. The game functioned by showing various overseas attractions in Paris and London onscreen, with players able to take virtual selfies at these locations.

Colgate said the reason for choosing Paris and London was that the flight time between Hong Kong and these two cities was about 12 hours, the same length of time the product is claimed to offer protection for.

After players completed the virtual tour and uploaded their selfies onto their social media accounts, participants were given points to redeem a New Upgraded Colgate Total regimen oral care set at designated stores.

In addition to engaging customers, the smile collection event was also aimed to help the kindergarten children's dental outreach service provided by the University of Hong Kong. Colgate donated a tube of children's toothpaste to the programme for each smile collected from participants.


Client Colgate-Palmolive

Associate commercial director Mandy Sit

Senior brand manager Catrina Kwok

Marketing assistant Kandace Wong

Creative agency Guru Online Limited

Media agency Wavemaker HK Limited

Digital agency Guru Online Limited

Event agency RSVP Communications Limited