Cold Storage apologises for Deepavali beef promotion hiccup

Supermarket brand Cold Storage has apologised for a wrongly printed sign touting a promotion on beef alongside the text “Deepavali Promotion”. The action has copped flak for being culturally insensitive to Hindus celebrating the occasion. In Hinduism, beef is not consumed as cows are considered sacred.

The debacle was first pointed out by Twitter user AdamFlinter, who pointed out the lack of cultural understanding in the promotional sign which shows a 38% markdown on beef products in the supermarket.

In a statement to ChannelNews Asia, a Cold Storage spokesperson explained that the promotion was not specific to Deepavali but rather an in store offer.

She added that the sign was placed by a junior staff member who overlooked the cultural sensitivities, in the process printing the price ticket in question with the Deepavali greeting. The spokesperson added that they have now coached the employee on cultural sensitivity and told all staff to be mindful of the issue of cultural sensitivity.

“We sincerely apologise to all Hindus who are celebrating Deepavali.” the spokesperson said to CNA.

Marketing has reached out to Cold Storage for a statement.

(Photo credit: AdamFlinter)