Coke sends another stunt viral

Coca-Cola has been pushing heavily on social real-time stunts to market its “happiness spreading” theme. Following the splitting cans stunt and "Small World Machines" campaign in May, Coca-Cola most recently launched an out-of-home stunt to further extend the multi-layered happiness themed campaign.

The stunt dubbed "Smile Back", saw Coca-Cola partner with creative agencies Victors & Spoils and MOFILM to send Coca-Cola employees dressed in its iconic red uniform, cycle around selected countries to encourage consumers to react (smile).

Those who did were rewarded with Coke and other prizes. The stunt was rolled out in Canada, Tunisia, Chile, England, Jamaica, and Pakistan.

Proving the brand's maturity in the viral and live stunt space, the two-minute video of the stunt uploaded to YouTube is already ranked 10th in Viral Video Chart this week with more than 16,000 shares in total.

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