Coke pulls a Big Brother to bring cheer

As part of its Open Happiness campaign, Coca-Cola has pulled footage from security cameras (pictured) together for its latest TV spot, highlighting people in their raw, but best moments.

The TV spot shows raw footage of people in random acts of bravery, such as stopping a store robbery; or in moments of happiness - dancing to buskers, kissing in a lift or hugging a friend.

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola said: "This campaign is a continuity of our ongoing mission to spread happiness and optimism, giving a brand point of view about the world´s actual situation." The campaign message is that good people outnumber bad people, she added, and it aims to give people reasons to believe in a better world.

When asked if the company had any difficulties getting rights to air the footage, she said it bought usage rights for many of the vignettes used in the spot. "In other cases, we had to re-create the scene, as it was in the security camera, and impossible to find the person and have the permission or usage rights for airing it," she said.

The TV spot runs only in digital social networks, open TV and cable. The campaign will first be released to Coca-Cola fans on Facebook in Latin America and later run on open TV in various markets in the region.