Coke China asks consumers to refresh its creative streak

If you had to explain to an alien what makes Coca-Cola so wonderful what particular element of the Coke experience would you talk about and what artistic expression would you show him to get him to crave a sip?

That's a brief from Coca-Cola, which has launched a crowd-sourcing competition in China offering cash prizes for the best TV and print ads that “inspire a craving for Coke.”

Using creative crowdsourcing platform eYeka, Coca-Cola China asks creative individuals to "create a strong and creative expression of what makes a Coke so desirable to YOU."

Participants are asked to submit videos and animations (up to 30 seconds long) as well as print ads and posters that will inspire consumers a craving for Coke as it captures an enjoyable element of it and presents it in a creative and appealing manner that others will connect with.

The Coca-Cola China Video contests offers around US$30,000 in prizes and will run from 24 November to 18 January 2015.

The shorter Coca-Cola China Print contest offers more than US$5,000 and will run from 1 December 1st to 11 January 2015 on

"The objective of the contest is for people to express themselves around the idea that Coca-Cola tastes great," Richard Cotton, creative excellence director at Coca-Cola, said.

"We are really looking forward to seeing eYeka members' creative ideas and to be inspired by them. To me, the best entries will be those that will put the great taste of Coke at the heart of the drama around a shared moment of happiness."

The contest will be judged by Coca-Cola and its agency.