Coca-Cola's summer campaign asks Thais to be upfront with their feelings

Coca-Cola has launched its summer campaign in Thailand with a TV commercial aimed to tug at the heartstrings of viewers. Derived from the consumer insight that young Thais are afraid to speak their minds lest they disrupt relationships, the campaign hopes to inspire Thai people to be upfront with their feelings and in turn, foster closer relationships with their loved ones.

Produced in partnership with Ogilvy, the TV commercial depicts three relationships; a father and his daughter; a mother and her son; and a couple. Each story has a “secret” to tell, which they struggle to divulge due to the long-held Thai custom of avoiding confrontation.

Carlos Diaz-Rigby, general manager of Coca-Cola Thailand said that the campaign was conceived through "in-depth research” with its consumers in Thailand. He added that the company, as a brand that “values close relationships” and “encouraged social acceptance”, felt “compelled” to raise awareness of the social issue where Thai teenagers are “afraid to speak their minds openly” due to the fear of disapproval.

“Coke has always been connected with moments of sharing through food and conversation, most Thais remember sharing a meal at a local restaurant with family and friends and Coke being a part of that. But through this campaign we wanted to go deeper, and address the social norm of avoiding confrontation which is still so deeply-rooted in Thailand, especially between the young generation and their parents,” said Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke, group executive creative director of Ogilvy Group Thailand.

“Our research showed that revealing to their parents choices of study, gender identity and relationships were the greatest source of tension amongst Thai teens, so we have brought these to life in a positive way, showing that honest communication brings people together,” he added.