Coca-Cola turns bus shelters into arcade game kiosks

Coca-Cola has collaborated with Clear Channel to launch its latest campaign titled, "Fizz Up with a #Cokebreaks5". The campaign looks to encouraging youths of ages 18 to 24 to remember to take a refreshing break from their studies so they can reset and increase productivity.

For the campaign, bus shelters located along Pioneer MRT near Jurong West Sports Hall and the National University of Singapore (NUS) are transformed into a "3D" retro arcade game kiosks. These bus shelters are strategically chosen around the local universities such as the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and NUS, where students are up and about.

The kiosks challenges players to get as many "Fizz Points" as possible by tapping on all the Coke bottles while avoiding falling objects. After the game, the machine will dispense a chilled bottle of Coke Stevia for the players.

Amanda Woo, head, client partnerships and business development said that the brand had learnt that nostalgia works through the success it saw from past similar campaigns which garnered more than 27,000 brand interactions.

“Coca-Cola has taken this one level-up by digitising the game and creating a whole new experience for its fans. The reward with a Coke Stevia will be a real draw for commuters," Woo added.