Coca-Cola releases HK heritage design tall cans

Coca-Cola has officially unveiled a special edition tall-can decorated with imagery reflective of Hong Kong's heritage.

The tall-can design is not new abroad but it's the first time such an edition has been released in Hong Kong. The new series, available from 18 March onwards, features eight iconic places. The original flavour includes Oi!, Blue House, Sam Tung Uk and Shing Mun Reservoir Steel Bridge, while Coca-Cola Zero features Lui Seng Chun and Stanley Post Office. Yau Ma Tei Theatre and Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda are showcased on the body of Coca-Cola Plus.

"The illustrations on the cans are inspired by the 80 years Coca-Cola has been with Hong Kong people. Hong Kong is a place where multi-culture meets local community. The blending of culture in the city brings out countless beautiful and interesting stories for us," said Page Guilot, general manager and vice president of Coca-Cola China Limited - Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Mongolia.

[caption id="attachment_252213" align="alignnone" width="600"] From left: Page Guillot and singer Hins Cheung[/caption]

With a larger 330ml capacity than ordinary cans, the special edition will be available across major convenient stores and selected restaurants. In addition to Coca-Cola products, Sprite and Schweppes Cream Soda tall-cans will also be launched on the same day.

Guillot said the special edition will be available until summer. After that, the company will offer both tall-can designs and the original edition. In late April, Coca-Cola will also offer mini-cans of Coca-Cola products.

To celebrate the new series, Coca-Cola has launched the "Taste Our City. Taste The Fellings" exhibition at the Ocean Terminal Main Concourse at Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Three-dimensional paintings of the eight heritage designs and two-metre tall cans of all the designs are showcased in the exhibition. Visitors can also learn the stories behind each heritage site through an audio guide and information detailed on the back of the giant cans.