Coca-Cola goes cute again in CNY push

A Fu and A Jiao, Coca-Cola's Fuwa (福娃) characters inspired by traditional clay doll folk art, are returning for second year in Coca-Cola's new CNY campaign spanning television, online, cinema and packaging.

In a TV spot called “Missing Bottle”, Coca-Cola's Fuwa notice something a miss just before the celebratory feast begins. The family members are all busy on their own, not interacting with each other, and not reacting immediately upon being called to the dinner table.

The Coca-Cola Fuwa decide to take action and hide something without which the celebratory dinner cannot begin – namely, a bottle of Coke. This brings the entire family together to search for the missing bottle.

When they do find it, they also realize what else was missing: the warmth, laughter and feeling of togetherness that makes Chinese New Year so special.

Richard Cotton, content and creative excellence director at Coca-Cola China, said: “The 2015 Coca-Cola Fuwa campaign was immensely popular and this campaign builds on that success. We have transported a traditional culturalicon intoa modern setting in order to celebrate the most valuable thing of all at Chinese New Year– sharing a Coke with the people who matter the most.”

Cia Hatzi, regional business director at McCann Worldgroup added: “The world is so fresh and magical to Coca-Cola Fuwa. They have a heroic purpose and their mission is simply to rekindle genuine connections by bringing people together, which is the true meaning of CNY.”

“Tying in closely with the TV idea, Coke’s Fuwa programme is fully amplified in all product multi-serve and gift packs, bringing a variety of genuine Chinese New Year rituals and flavours to every family’s table through A Fu and A Jiao."

Agency: McCann Shanghai
Chairman/chief creative officer: Tomaz Mok
Executive creative director: Akshay Kapnadak
Creative directors: Jeremy Guo, Hesky Lu
Account management: CiaHatzi, Jane Lim, Felicia How
Creative planner:Jay Caplan
Agency producer: Canossa Fong
Production/post-production house: Cases Films/ Post Production Office(Shanghai)
Director:Johnny Au