Coca-Cola goes back to basics as “One Brand” strategy hits SG and MY

Coca-Cola has unveiled significant changes with the launch of its global ‘One Brand’ strategy in Singapore and Malaysia. For the first time ever, the entire Coke range in the region will be marketed under one brand design, unifying all of Coca-Cola’s varieties under the one design using the iconic Red Disc.

The changes have already begun in several markets, following its global announcement in April last year. Closer to home, in Hong Kong, the roll out began in late 2016.

According to Tish Condeno, marketing director of Coca-Cola Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, one of the reasons behind the new design and the global strategy was due to the "drifting away" from its iconic Coca-Cola red colour. This was the result of the launch of other Coke varieties over the years.

“We realised that we were in danger of losing our iconic colour in a sea of other colours like silver and black, and we knew we needed to reclaim it as an icon of our brand. That’s one of the primary ideas behind the new strategy,” Condeno said.

To make it clear for consumers, a campaign will follow educating them on the new representation. The company said that it will also commit to putting clear, easy-to-find calorie information right up front, to allow consumers to make better informed decisions.

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Moving forward, the company will continue to evolve its long-term business strategy towards becoming a total beverage company that offers consumers around the world and the drinks they want in line with their changing tastes and needs.

In Singapore, the brand revamp includes Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Light. The same goes for Malaysia, with the addition of Coca-Cola Vanilla. According to Coca-Cola, consumers will soon see the new One Brand design on everything – from cans and bottles to billboards and television ads. The company also launched Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which will replace Coca-Cola Zero.

"The big change now is to do something simpler. The aim of the new strategy is to place all variants under the umbrella Coca-Cola brand,” Ahmed Yehia, country manager of Coca-Cola Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, added.